Elder Nielsen at 2023 Strengthening Families Conference, Abuja Nigeria.

 Elder Nielsen at 2023 Strengthening Families Conference, Abuja Nigeria.

In the 2023 Strengthening Families Conference, Elder S. Gifford Nielsen, President of the Africa West Area defined a successful marriage, in his speech,

“We define a successful marriage as one where both spouses make the conscious decision to love and respect each other throughout their marriage. God’s love naturally radiates from their union. The couple needs to work together toward the common good and have the same definition of what the common good is. To achieve a successful marriage it takes intentionality, patience, and forgiveness, all of which come from a personal relationship with God.” 

Elder and Sister Nielsen addressing the audience at Strengthening Families Conference

He continued to say, A marriage based on love and respect doesn’t just happen. Both spouses must do their part. The Church of Jesus Christ teaches that marriage is a partnership of equals, and that partners should be thoughtful, respectful, and loyal to one another. The church teaches that if couples keep their lives centered on Jesus Christ, their love will grow.

Creating a union that includes God makes marriage strong enough to withstand the pressures of the world and helps a married couple to withstand the difficulties and trials that will inevitably come in any marriage. A leader in our Church recently said that the secret to success in any marriage is for both the husband and wife to love God first and foremost. If we love God first, we will love each other more and better. I encourage you to make God your partner in marriage, and in that way, you can truly become one in your love for Him, and one in your love for each other.”

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